Is my personal information secure?

Yes. The information provided to our website and the Allied Wallet payment screen are protected by the highest standards of internet security.

How do I handle abusive situations?

We offer a blocking and reporting feature on the website for you to manage unfavorable users.

How do I block or report a user?

Look for the block and report butons at the bottom of a user’s profile.

Will my real name show on the profile?

No. For privacy reasons, we will never display your real name. This is why we require you to select a username. You may wish to show your real in the username field if that is your intention.

Is there a requirement to make my personal contact info public on the website?

No. Unlike most Indian Matrimonial, Indian Dating, and hybrid Indian Matrimony & online Indian dating websites, we do not promote or allow you to make your contact information public. Not only does this protect you, it is a violation of our terms of use as posted in the footer section of the website. You may only share personal contact information through private messages with other users. This way, you are able to do this on your own terms if you choose to do so.

Will my date of birth show on the website?

No. For privacy reasons, we will never display your date of birth.