Why is there a generic image attached to my profile?

The grey silhouettes for males and females is the default image that will show when a picture is not uploaded by users.

Does it cost anything to add my photo?

No it is free to upload your picture to your profile. There is room for 3 photos and we encourage you to use all 3 spaces.

Why should I add my photograph?

Our research shows that your chances of success with online dating and matrimonal websites increases by 25 times simply by adding a picture. To ensure your time and experience on our site is optimal, we encourage you to upload at least one photograph of yourself.

How do I crop my picture?

Upon uploading your picture, you will see a drop down menu showing you crop options for your pic. Alternatively, you may crop your picture with a photo editor prior to uploading.

How do I add a picture from my phone?

This functionality will be made available upon activation of our mobile app.

How many photos can I upload?

You may upload upto 3 photos of yourself. If you prefer to upload more, we encourage you to rotate your pictures frequently to maintain a fresh profile with updated images.

Can I hide my images?

Unlike most other matrimonial websites we have not made this feature available. Our view is that you should make your picture available unless you have a specific concern of not doing so. The desire to intermittantly show/hide a photograph is not being supported at this time.

Why does my uploaded photo not show anymore?

All uploaded images on the website are reviewed for offensive or false content. If you feel your image was incorrectly removed, please contact us through the contact form page.

What does the “Request A Photo” button do when viewing a profile?

When viewing a profile of another user, clicking this button will send them a message to their inbox indicating that you have requested to see a picture.

Photo error message?

If you receive an error message you may be uploading an incorrect format. Please limit your uploads to jpg format.