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Why do I have to type my story here?

This is a minimum 100 character effort which should be a very quick process. Many users may wish to write much more. This area is important to give your profile its own voice and let other users determine what kinds of intersts you share.

Why are there minimum and maximum character limits?

To help maintain the overall quality of the website and user experience we require all profiles complete the minimum character requirement here.

Why did my story change after I typed it?

If your content violated our Terms Of Use, we may remove part or all of the related content.

Can I share my personal contact info in my story?

No this is prohibited. Please do not share any form of personal contact information in this section. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, and social media information (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, URLs, etc). This information is monitored and will be removed. Thank you for your co-operation.