6 Tips For Dressing On A First Date (For Him!)

First impressions will always matter and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. They way you present yourself matters a great deal and regardless of how much or how little you love talking, your attire will always speak louder. Maya Chopra, VP of Marketing at Date2Rishta.com highlights some quick tips.

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Not to intentionally start from the bottom, but footwear speaks the loudest. Torn, dirty, worn, rugged, outdated, and unmatching footwear is a highly regarded fashion “faux pas” ranked by women. Given the amount of attention women give to their own footwear collection, it is instinctive and unsurprising that your footwear will also be open for judgement.

Dress for the venue. Your venue should dictate the general theme of how you need to dress. For example, if you’re going to a fine dining restaurant, you should know jeans, shorts or sandals will not win you any points, and on the flipside, you need not wear a suit and tie for a walk in the park. Now that we’ve address the extremes, what about the more grey areas like casual dinners or coffee dates?

Casual settings. This is usually where most men get it wrong. Dressing casual probably requires more thought and effort than simply throwing on a slacks and a sweater. Jeans are generally ok but rips, even stylish ones, probably won’t create the image you want to convey on the first date. Also, lean towards being overdressed. In a casual setting, collared shirts and dressy shoes will always win you points over a t-shirt and running shoes.

Stay current. Be aware of current trends and styles and let go of older fashion trends. You don’t have to be on the cutting edge of 5th Avenue New York fashion, but make a reasonable effort to keep up.

Make it fit. Not all clothes and styles are meant for all body types. Be aware of your body type and choose sizes and styles accordingly.

Maintenance. You can have the most luxurious wardrobe in the world, but lint, wrinkles, odors and stains will not go unnoticed. Make a conscious effort towards presentation and if you think “she wont notice” I want you to know that she will!

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