6 Common Mistakes Made In The Online Dating World

Online dating is being used by hundreds of millions of people around the world and this business continues to grow. The allure of searching, reviewing and contacting a potential match all from a computer and now more commonly from a smartphone without having to walk across the bar and face rejection has become all too common. But with the advent of any technology comes misuse. Maya Chopra, VP Marketing at Date2Rishta.com evaluates some of the more common mistakes that are being made in the online dating world.

Lies, lies, and lies.  Online dating customers generally venture into the scene with a level of caution which is prudent and expected. But adding to that skepticism by building some lies into your dating profile will likely be sniffed out fairly quickly. Users are smarter than you think! Instead, stick to the truth and let users discover you for who you really are.

Patience. Not all users may reply to your messages or they may busy or bombarded with messages from others. If you’re on an established site, there should be many more people to search and contact. Wasting your time by repeat messaging the same person without a response is a wasteful effort. Instead, move on and keep searching.

Put up a picture. We cannot stress this enough. Research shows, you can increase your chances of success by upto 25x when uploading a picture. Otherwise you are a faceless entity with minimal appeal. Ensure you are using your online time wisely.

Poor write ups. This is your once chance to make a first impression. An incoherent or poorly written message will not reflect well on you, especially when you are being evaluated amongst thousands of other peers.

Giving up early. New crop are joining online all the time. If you have not met your match, note that thousands of people join online websites daily.

Not being active enough. Be a dedicated member. Use the website that you’ve joined to its fullest potential.

Reluctance. This is numbers game and the more you get out there and meet up with potential matches, the more you will learn what you are looking for and coffee never hurt anyone (unless you spill it on yourself, or worse  your date!)

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