5 Myths About Online Dating

The world of online dating has exploded in recent years showing incredible growth in numbers. Yet the online dating world is still ripe for myths, perhaps related to the intangible and virtual nature of the business. Maya Chopra, VP of Marketing at Date2Rishta.com sums these up into 6 common myths.

“Online dating is only for older people who haven’t had success finding a partner through usual means.” False! Online dating has now become one of the more “usual” means of finding a match, and if you further look at the age breakdown of those using dating websites, even the18-20 year old age group has established a strong presence.

“Online dating is expensive.” It doesn’t have to be expensive. This is where the consumer needs to do some comparison shopping to ensure they are receiving the best value. Date2Rishta.com for example costs as low as Rs. ₹330 or US$5.75 per month!

“Individuals with online profile aren’t serious.” This depends on what type of site you are using. There are many free sites out there where users are not committing any money towards their efforts. This often attracts passive, fake, or malicious users who will probably not use the site for its intended purpose and ultimately waste your time. Instead, look for a pay site where you know users are more committed to finding a partner. On the flip side, a successful site doesn’t need to be overly expensive to attract this kind of commitment.

“Online dating is time consuming.” I never understood this myth. The whole reason why online dating is successful is because we are all busy and don’t have much free to time otherwise spend finding a partner. Going online gives you the flexibility to search and filter when, how, where and who you want to meet, all on your own terms.

“Nobody wants to post their pictures online.” This is probably the oldest myth. In this day and age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other “visually” oriented social media platforms, we find pictures are much likely to be posted alongside one’s online dating profile. Part of this can be attributed to the fact that there is at least a 25x increase in the success of an online profile by simply posting one or two pictures.

Online dating is a tool born out of the balanced pursuit of both increased efficiency and meeting a desirable match.  In the end, it is important to do your research, use the site that you feel best suits your goals, and embrace these “best practices” to ensure you have a successful experience.

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