Nov. 17, 2014

Why Are Online Indian Dating Sites Exploding?
By Billy Baker

For those Indian singles who live in countries other than India, dating sites catering for Indian dating can be of immense benefit. Many Indians live in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and various parts of Asia. However, many of these Indian singles can be culturally and socially isolated. Indian dating sites allow these singles to not only find love and romance by geography, but also by religion.

Until recently, marriages were arranged in India by the families of the bride and groom. However, migration has played havoc with some of the previous marriage traditions. Many Indian singles, living both in and out of India, are now preferring to find their own marriage partners.

Finding marriage partners can be tricky enough with any dating service. Indian matrimonial sites are well aware of the additional sensitivities of the modern Indian single. Many dating sites dedicated to Indian singles allow their members to find romance through special categories such as religion and nationality.

If you are seeking someone who has been raised in India this type of selection becomes even more advantageous. It is also fantastic for the single Indian looking for a partner out of India, but who still respects Indian traditions. The religious categories ensure that not only will your spouse be Indian but will also share the same religious practices and philosophies.

Hindu singles, Muslim singles, Christian singles, Sikh singles, Jewish singles, as well as Jain, Parsi, and Buddhists are all categorized and catered for on a professional Indian dating site. All religious standards are catered for from the extremely strict to the relatively relaxed. You can even add mother tongue as a selection category. The choices in languages on some dating sites were far too many to even start mentioning.

Indian dating sites allow Indian singles the opportunity to get to know their potential spouses before a marriage is arranged. Online dating services and photo profiles can be fantastic options for seeking matrimony without compromising reputations. Times have chamged too. In that, finding your own partner and introducing that potential partner to your parents is now more common place.

What to look for in an Indian dating site?

* a large membership base is a great start as there will be more singles to select from.
* a dating site that shows a real understanding and respect of Indian traditions, culture, and the varied religions.
* respect for matrimony.
* the ability for you to look at profiles and obtain trial memberships before paying any fees.
* ample members who live in your preferred city.
* a dating site that provides extra dating resources such as blogs, and forums.
* an opportunity to increase you Indian friends and relations in your social surrounds.
* categories for religion, nationality, and preferred mother tongue.

Indian singles come together from across the planet by way of today's technology and onlin Indian dating sites. You no longer need to feel socially or culturally isolated. There is a perfect match out there for you who shares your heritage and religious beliefs.

Author and consultant Billy Baker recommends this review page for further investigation into preferred online Indian dating sites.

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Jan. 02, 2014

First impressions will always matter and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. They way you present yourself matters a great deal and regardless of how much or how little you love talking, your attire will always speak louder. Maya Chopra, VP of Marketing at Date2Rishta.com highlights some quick tips.

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Not to intentionally start from the bottom, but footwear speaks the loudest. Torn, dirty, worn, rugged, outdated, and unmatching footwear is a highly regarded fashion “faux pas” ranked by women. Given the amount of attention women give to their own footwear collection, it is instinctive and unsurprising that your footwear will also be open for judgement.

Dress for the venue. Your venue should dictate the general theme of how you need to dress. For example, if you’re going to a fine dining restaurant, you should know jeans, shorts or sandals will not win you any points, and on the flipside, you need not wear a suit and tie for a walk in the park. Now that we’ve address the extremes, what about the more grey areas like casual dinners or coffee dates?

Casual settings. This is usually where most men get it wrong. Dressing casual probably requires more thought and effort than simply throwing on a slacks and a sweater. Jeans are generally ok but rips, even stylish ones, probably won’t create the image you want to convey on the first date. Also, lean towards being overdressed. In a casual setting, collared shirts and dressy shoes will always win you points over a t-shirt and running shoes.

Stay current. Be aware of current trends and styles and let go of older fashion trends. You don’t have to be on the cutting edge of 5th Avenue New York fashion, but make a reasonable effort to keep up.

Make it fit. Not all clothes and styles are meant for all body types. Be aware of your body type and choose sizes and styles accordingly.

Maintenance. You can have the most luxurious wardrobe in the world, but lint, wrinkles, odors and stains will not go unnoticed. Make a conscious effort towards presentation and if you think “she wont notice” I want you to know that she will!

Jan. 02, 2014

Online dating is being used by hundreds of millions of people around the world and this business continues to grow. The allure of searching, reviewing and contacting a potential match all from a computer and now more commonly from a smartphone without having to walk across the bar and face rejection has become all too common. But with the advent of any technology comes misuse. Maya Chopra, VP Marketing at Date2Rishta.com evaluates some of the more common mistakes that are being made in the online dating world.

Lies, lies, and lies.  Online dating customers generally venture into the scene with a level of caution which is prudent and expected. But adding to that skepticism by building some lies into your dating profile will likely be sniffed out fairly quickly. Users are smarter than you think! Instead, stick to the truth and let users discover you for who you really are.

Patience. Not all users may reply to your messages or they may busy or bombarded with messages from others. If you’re on an established site, there should be many more people to search and contact. Wasting your time by repeat messaging the same person without a response is a wasteful effort. Instead, move on and keep searching.

Put up a picture. We cannot stress this enough. Research shows, you can increase your chances of success by upto 25x when uploading a picture. Otherwise you are a faceless entity with minimal appeal. Ensure you are using your online time wisely.

Poor write ups. This is your once chance to make a first impression. An incoherent or poorly written message will not reflect well on you, especially when you are being evaluated amongst thousands of other peers.

Giving up early. New crop are joining online all the time. If you have not met your match, note that thousands of people join online websites daily.

Not being active enough. Be a dedicated member. Use the website that you’ve joined to its fullest potential.

Reluctance. This is numbers game and the more you get out there and meet up with potential matches, the more you will learn what you are looking for and coffee never hurt anyone (unless you spill it on yourself, or worse  your date!)

Jan. 02, 2014

The world of online dating has exploded in recent years showing incredible growth in numbers. Yet the online dating world is still ripe for myths, perhaps related to the intangible and virtual nature of the business. Maya Chopra, VP of Marketing at Date2Rishta.com sums these up into 6 common myths.

“Online dating is only for older people who haven’t had success finding a partner through usual means.” False! Online dating has now become one of the more “usual” means of finding a match, and if you further look at the age breakdown of those using dating websites, even the18-20 year old age group has established a strong presence.

“Online dating is expensive.” It doesn’t have to be expensive. This is where the consumer needs to do some comparison shopping to ensure they are receiving the best value. Date2Rishta.com for example costs as low as Rs. ₹330 or US$5.75 per month!

“Individuals with online profile aren’t serious.” This depends on what type of site you are using. There are many free sites out there where users are not committing any money towards their efforts. This often attracts passive, fake, or malicious users who will probably not use the site for its intended purpose and ultimately waste your time. Instead, look for a pay site where you know users are more committed to finding a partner. On the flip side, a successful site doesn’t need to be overly expensive to attract this kind of commitment.

“Online dating is time consuming.” I never understood this myth. The whole reason why online dating is successful is because we are all busy and don’t have much free to time otherwise spend finding a partner. Going online gives you the flexibility to search and filter when, how, where and who you want to meet, all on your own terms.

“Nobody wants to post their pictures online.” This is probably the oldest myth. In this day and age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other “visually” oriented social media platforms, we find pictures are much likely to be posted alongside one’s online dating profile. Part of this can be attributed to the fact that there is at least a 25x increase in the success of an online profile by simply posting one or two pictures.

Online dating is a tool born out of the balanced pursuit of both increased efficiency and meeting a desirable match.  In the end, it is important to do your research, use the site that you feel best suits your goals, and embrace these “best practices” to ensure you have a successful experience.

Sep. 21, 2013

Online dating has become a convenient way to meet someone who is essentially a complete stranger. While this is becoming an increasingly convenient method for meeting someone, there is no shortage of su***ious characters in this world and you can never be too cautious with your safety. Maya Chopra, VP of Marketing at Date2Rishta.com, recommends these 6 tips to help you increase your comfort level with the eventual first blind date.

First, be careful with free dating sites. Although you should never have to pay astronomical prices to successfully find an online match, free dating sites don’t require a credit card or any other means to confirm a member’s true identity. This one act alone, leaves a traceable footprint of your potential partner.

Second, have a phone conversation before meeting. Knowing an individual’s phone number leaves an identity trail for potential perpetrators and easily becomes a deterrent for those with ill intentions.

Third, never provide your home or work address. If the first date doesn’t go well, you can easily end the date and ignore phone calls. However, sharing your physical location opens up the door for stalking and other unwanted behaviour.

Fifth, tell a friend. Let somebody close to you know that you are meeting someone for the first time and share the location. Not only does this protect you, but it will give you a topic of conversation the next time you meet up with your friends!

And lastly, trade pictures with your date prior to your meeting. It is a great deterrent for unwanted behaviour when the other individual knows that you have their picture in your possession.

Ms. Chopra clarifies, “Ultimately, you should always be cautious of your environment, but if you follow these tips, you will have created a deterrent for unwanted behaviour as your partner will have left behind an identity trail.”