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  • About Date2Rishta.com - The Fastest Growing Site For Indian Singles...Worldwide

    Dating or Matrimony?

    Date2Rishta.Com. Is it a dating site or a matrimonial site?

    Date2Rishta.Com was actually created to bridge the gap between the two.

    A "Date" is generally described as an initial meeting between two individuals who are trying to get to know each other better.

    A "Rishta" (hindi for relationship) is what becomes of successful dating and likely matrimony.

    We recognize that the South Asian culture is transforming from a traditional, quick marriage approach, to a more casual, measured, and balanced attitude. Our role in this endeavour is to provide a comfortable enviroment that facilitates this shift and support dating as an important stage leading to relationships and matrimony.

    Why pink and blue?

    The colors pink and blue have a nautral fit when it comes to love and relationships. These colors have been proven to generate specific emotions, actions, and reactions amongst us.

    Pink is the color of universal love. A quiet color, pink encourages friendliness and a tranquil enviornment. Lovers of beauty favor pink. A pink carnation flower means "I will never forget you."

    Blue is the color of stability and calm. As sure as the sky and the ocean, and as soothing as their virtues, blue offers the perfect partnership to pink. A blue flower means "I will be there when you need me."

    While you're thinking about that someone special, we are thinking about you. Our goal is to create the best online environment possible for our members and deliver you a vibrant, effective experience.

  • About Date2Rishta.com - The Fastest Growing Site For Indian Singles...Worldwide

    Who We Are

    Date2Rishta.com (D2R) is an established global dating site accomodating persons of South Asian origin residing all around the world.

    Our approach to online relationships is simple: Provide a fun, affordable, and easy to use platform and then let the magic happen on its own. You will notice our designs, colors, and theme are deliberately kept informal to create a relaxed environment. Much of our target customer base is comprised of young professionals living a busy city lifestyle. We aim to provide a stress free environment to comfortably search and contact potential matches.

    We Are Global

    Date2Rishta is recognized as the world’s first truly dedicated website actively accomodating the South Asian dating market, unlike most others which aim strictly at matrimony.

    With regional offices located in Australia, Canada, and the UK, we are committed to growing our global presence. Currently, we are looking to further expand into locations in the US and India.

    We have developed several long term partnerships and committed extensive resources to allow us to pursue an aggressive growth strategy in our primary markets. D2R has recently partnered with two Venture Capital firms and secured a combined sum of $26M in equity financing to allocate towards future growth initiatives.

    We are Innovative & Diverse

    Our company culture propagates creativity and “outside the box” thinking. Each employee is carefully selected based on their demonstrated abilities observed through the hiring process, rather than relying solely on past successes and career history. This approach bridges the experience gap between new grads and tenured professionals with the end goal to hire the most suitable person for the role.

    Our employees come from various ethnic and academic backgrounds, emanate distinctive strengths, and generate innovative ideas. Given that the website operates entirely in the English Language, we have built a strong team of employees from various countries. This approach gives us the opportunity to take advantage of diverse ideas and strategies from talented individuals around the world.

  • About Date2Rishta.com - The Fastest Growing Site For Indian Singles...Worldwide

    There's something special about Date2Rishta.Com. There's a sense of goodness that comes from helping people find happiness, love, and fulfillment, for all of us as individuals.

    By linking our members across rivers, lakes, and oceans, you may think of Date2Rishta as a hardworking matchmaker, dedicated to connecting hearts with no boundaries.

    Our journey is ongoing, focusing on making the unknown known, and leaving behind a trail of both successful and potential matches.

    What do we offer:

    • The challenge of impactful work - our global presence offers constant opportunities to develop world-class skills and a truly international career
    • An innovative culture where people translate their passion into action
    • Competitive compensation you would expect from a leading global brand

    What do we expect from you:

    The capability to make a difference- delivering on your very own unique value proposition Creative and innovative thinking in your work, regardless of your role A spirit of teamwork - you excel in a team setting, working with different views, perspectives and personalities

    Top Reasons to work for Date2Rishta.Com

    1. Opportunity to make a difference
    2. Ability to grow
    3. We want to become...
    4. Values
    5. Be part of a diverse team
    6. One-of-a-kind experiences
    7. A rewarding culture
    8. Rewarding environment

    1. Opportunity to make a difference

    Date2Rishta.com is a place where you can make a lasting mark. Whether through our daily initiatives, internally sponsored charitable programs, or your individual efforts, you are in a position to make a difference.

    2. Ability to Grow

    A career at Date2Rishta.com is truly a unique opportunity. It's more than working for a global dating website; it's a chance to be a part of something that impacts people around the world.

    Every person has the opportunity to create a long and successful career with Date2Rishta.com. With potential members in +200 countries, and a broad range of internal roles, the growth opportunities with our company are significant. In the end, your ability, aspiration and level of engagement will determine how far you will excel.

    About Date2Rishta.com - The Fastest Growing Site For Indian Singles...Worldwide

    3. We want to become... one of the most respected brands by South Asians worldwide

    Date2Rishta.Com has members from India to the United Kingdom to the United States and Canada and continues to grow members in dozens of other countries. With over 1.2 Billion South Asians residing around the world, we want to be amongst the most respected brands.

    About Date2Rishta.com - The Fastest Growing Site For Indian Singles...Worldwide

    4. Values

    Our values serve as a roadmap for our decisions and outline how we present ourselves to the world. With help from our staff, we have defined behaviors that reinforce our values:

    About Date2Rishta.com - The Fastest Growing Site For Indian Singles...Worldwide

    5. Be part of a diverse team

    We believe our brand should be as diverse as the markets we serve. This diversity helps us understand and unify to the needs of our customers everywhere we operate and continue to innovate in everything we do. At Date2Rishta.Com you have the chance to work with teams of people who have diverse backgrounds and ideas and who work in locations across the globe. We are all united by our passion for the business and desire to add value and make a difference.

    About Date2Rishta.com - The Fastest Growing Site For Indian Singles...Worldwide

    6. One of a Kind Experiences

    Date2Rishta.Com extends beyond the boundaries of your office. We have a strong association with regional events and sponsorships. Date2Rishta.Com continues to support community events in select regions around the world. These localized efforts keep the Date2Rishta.Com brand on the forefront as a fresh and well-rounded company.

    • South Asian beauty pageants
    • Sporting Events
    • South Asian performance arts
    • Bollywood promotional events & concerts
    • South Asian festival celebrations
    About Date2Rishta.com - The Fastest Growing Site For Indian Singles...Worldwide

    7. A rewarding culture

    Being a fun place to work where individuals are inspired to be the best they can be.

    Right from the first day, you'll notice a culture where our staff are truly dedicated to living our values. We regard Date2Rishta.Com as a local business on a global scale. Date2Rishta.Com represents qualities such as respect, kindness, integrity and excellence. Our culture reflects these attributes. To state it simply: we are the brand.

    One Company. One Team. One Passion.
    • One Company. As our journey continues, our shared passion is transforming Date2Rishta.Com. When you join our firm, you'll enjoy an environment where new ideas are encouraged, support is abundant and passion inspires us to excel.
    • One Team. At Date2Rishta.Com, it's our staff who create the environment for success. Our role is to connect the South Asian world, and it requires the dedication, innovation, and passion of the entire team. The relationships you create will help you excel not only in your role, but in your career as well.
    • One Passion. The love at Date2Rishta.Com extends beyond our brand, our people and our firm. From our efforts to make sure that we have fair and balanced workplaces to our responsibilities beyond our business, we put in our best effort to spread the joy of Date2Rishta.Com. We believe in fostering a work environment that embraces all of our people's unique strengths. We're committed to helping our communities and we're dedicated to preserving and protecting our planet.
    About Date2Rishta.com - The Fastest Growing Site For Indian Singles...Worldwide

    8. Rewarding Environment: Compensation

    Total compensation is more than just money and vacation time. It's about the combined value of working at Date2Rishta.Com. This includes components focused on the complete package of pay, benefits, learning, and work environment. Your benefits, coupled with our compensation program, and the opportunity to build a long term career, creates a competitive rewards package that continues to makes Date2Rishta.Com a desirable workplace.

    To ensure that our packages are competitive, we frequently review our programs with those of other top companies in regions where we operate. We actively evaluate and, when required, update our compensation programs to ensure they are designed to drive the intended business results that are driven towards creating sustainable long-term growth.

    The most common elements of our compensation programs are:

    • Base salaries
    • Annual bonus incentives
    • Performance commissions
    • Long-term incentives
    • Benefits: The full benefits package is highly regarded and is created to meet basic and life-changing needs. As market dynamics change, we frequently assess our programs to ensure employees receive those benefits they value and are given diverse choices that address unique issues of individuals and families and promote healthy lifestyles.
    About Date2Rishta.com - The Fastest Growing Site For Indian Singles...Worldwide
  • At Date2Rishta.com we are always searching for talented individuals to join our team. Given the modern working options of working from a virtual office, we are open to staff from all over the globe.

    If you feel you have a strong value proposition and would enjoy working with our team, please contact us with your resume and a brief description of your talents at careers@date2rishta.com